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Product Design & Development

Brand Identity

Product Photography

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Wundermore is a brand I launched with my sister, Libby, in early 2018. Together, we designed, developed, and continue to manufacture handcrafted nursery mobiles made from laser-cut wood. We believe our products look beautiful from every angle but have paid special attention to the baby's perspective, the view from below. Our mobiles are painted on the underside and form colorful patterns that amuse and delight.

Product Design & Brand Identity

I initiated this project to provide myself first-hand experience starting an e-commerce business. The parameters where to design a product that I could prototype and manufacture myself. Ideally, it would warrant a price tag over $50, and the product should be lightweight and pack flat to reduce shipping expenses. Shortly after the arrival of my first son, I noticed an opportunity in the market. The majority of nursery mobiles appear to be designed without any thought of the baby's perspective. With the help of my sister, we designed fun geometric shapes that we laser-cut from plywood. They nest together to maximize material usage and we have carefully selected natural materials and fun colors to create a truly beautiful product. Once we aligned on the name Wundermore, I got to work designing a brand logo.


Product Development & Photography

We created 12 different styles for our initial brand launch. Our mobiles come in 3 sizes and are painted on the underside in 2 different color palettes. The top surfaces and separator beads are left natural on all mobiles to preserve a simple and unobtrusive aesthetic. All sizes are offered in 2 different shapes. Wunderlove is a flower design with heart shaped petals and Wunderwheel is a classic pinwheel design. I photographed and edited all the products for our online shop and marketing assets.


Content Creation & Web Design

Since we handcraft our mobiles, we decided Etsy was the best retail platform to launch our brand. We built an online shop and secured the domain as well as the Wundermore Instagram account. I also built a stand-alone e-commerce shop through the Wix website builder. I've created custom content for social media including a series of comics titled what's your #wunder and a #happycustomer campaign featuring customer submitted photos. We have received numerous positive reviews and are currently utilizing the business to gain insights about digital marketing strategies.