Vermont Maple Infusion


The legalization of hemp derived CBD in 2018 combined with its apparent health benefits let an influx of CBD based products in the market. Vermont Maple Infusion was created with the desire to produce the finest quality CBD infused maple products in New England. They came to me with a company name and a product. I walked them through my design process to create a logo, packaging and various other brand assets. Then I built an e-commerce ready website for them to launch their brand.

Market Research & Initial Concepts 

Vermont Maple Infusion was one of the first companies to combine Vermont maple syrup with organic hemp oil. They were passionate about the product but unsure about the consumer they should target. To help refine the design direction I researched the logos and packaging of both maple syrup and CBD products. By arranging them into categories I got a better sense of my client's design preferences and we built a strategy for the brand identity. The 4 initial concepts I presented each gave the product a different feel and could appeal to different audiences.


Logo Refinement & Packaging Design

Ultimately, the brand followed their gut and selected Initial Concept 1. They liked the boldness of the design and the option to extract the classic syrup jug silhouette for use as an icon logo. Once the logo was finalized, I designed packaging graphics on transparent stickers with cardstock hang tags that could be printed and produced by the client to help reduce costs. I also helped design branded merchandise a created wholesale order forms.


Website Design

For the last phase of the project I built an e-commerce ready website utilizing the Wix website builder platform. The site was easy to navigate and had a clean aesthetic. It featured an online shop with pages for the company's background and frequently asked questions. Once the site was complete, I taught the client how to manage his inventory online and fulfill product orders.