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Soft Science Leopard Shark Wader Boot CAD rendering copcept with material callouts


Market Research / Footwear Design & Development / Packaging

Soft Science was established in 2013 when Scott Seamans, a founder and chief designer of Crocs, and John Duerden, the former president and COO of Reebok, set out to design a collection of supremely comfortable footwear. In the fall of 2015, BVT partnered with the brand to refine their existing styles and develop new concepts. The company has experienced steady growth, especially within the fishing market. Over the last several years, BVT helped them capitalize on their momentum by evolving the brand strategy and updating the seasonal product line.

Fin Blacktip water shoe in blue hanging off a boat
Fin 3.0 in gray and white on an angler holding a large fish
CAD renderings of a water shoe and a wading boot with material specifications in a catalog
Packaging mockup of Soft Science insoles in orange
Fin 3.0 in multiple colorways sitting on a dock
Packaging mockup of Soft Science insoles in black
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