I'm Ben Hamlin,

a freelance designer.

I specialize in footwear

but offer a variety of design services under the name BVT Creative.



Finding the right partner can be tricky. You need someone trustworthy
that understands your business needs and integrates seamlessly with your team.
Through a collaborative approach, I propose solutions that align with your
brand values and provide a strategic plan to maximize your investment.
Together we'll navigate the design process to transform your ideas into commercially successful products and campaigns. 


Design is a powerful tool for overcoming a variety of business challenges.

My design process provides a proven structure for creating concepts my clients love.


Every project starts with a conversation.
I learn where your business has been and where you would like to go.


Then, I examine the market and identify opportunities. From there I build a project brief that aligns with your business goals.


There is never only one solution to a design challenge, and I am committed to presenting multiple concepts.


It is important to get the details right. I welcome feedback and refine design concepts until you're satisfied.


I engage with you throughout the development process to ensure designs are built with quality and care.

I've worked with Ben in several professional situations from corporate to working with his creative agency and each time we collaborate I am grateful to have him in my circle.  He is innovate.  He is open.  He is honest.  He looks at a situation or a challenge from a high level and gives suggestions and creative thinking about not just the immediate need but the future of the brand.  Ben is an asset that TheOne08 would not be what we are without his collaborative efforts.  He wowed us with our Logo, he presented us with a unique spin on our signature print request amongst many other tasks we’ve asked of him.  He has a high level aesthetic and rolls with any feedback when something isn’t quite clicking yet.  He knows how to take something from “Almost” to a “Yes!!”.  

Marnie Quinn

TheOne08 Co-Founder

Ben Hamlin is a talented designer with a wide range of skills in footwear, apparel and graphic design. More than this, Ben has a keen commercial sense, is easy to work with and contributes as a partner in the total marketing effort. I have worked with Ben closely on several projects and most recently on bringing fresh ideas and contemporary technical design techniques to Soft Science footwear.

John Duerden

Soft Science Joint Founder & Chairman

Ben worked for Hotter as a design consultant in 2018 and 2019 helping to revitalise and refresh important areas of the women’s casual & formal shoe ranges. Ben is easy to work with, despite working remotely and across the U.K./U.S. time zone differences. Ben grasps design briefs quickly and promptly develops digital design options for comment or approval before undertaking more detailed design work. Ben is talented, efficient and a pleasure to work with. I am happy to recommend him.

Robert Perkins

Hotter Shoes COO

BVT Creative provides us with so much more than just "design". Ben is a true business partner who helps us think through the big picture, yet is nimble enough to bang out high quality production work in a pinch. Because of his ability to fly and operate at all altitudes we can (and have) recommend BVT Creative to most any brand looking for great creative and design work.

Dave Mesicek

SUNS CMO & Co-Founder


Every project begins with a conversation. Let's chat.


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